AI Institutional Transformation Research Group

Welcome to the AI Institutional Transformation Research Group

AI Institutional Transformation Research Group is an interdisciplinary team of scholars founded in April 2023. We are committed to the study of institutional changes driven by the rapid progress and spread of the technologies of generative artificial intelligence, such as GPT-4 or Stable Diffusion.

Drawing upon our diverse expertise in the social sciences and humanities, we aim to deliver innovative theoretical insights and actionable evidence-based recommendations. We seek to address our academic peers but also the policy-makers, institution-builders, and the broader public.

By informing policy decisions, facilitating institutional innovation, and promoting responsible technology practices, we aim to assist in building a future where the use of AI technologies aligns with human flourishing and democratic values.


Through rigorous empirical and theoretical research, we analyze how the adoption of AI technologies shapes and transforms institutions across society.


We generate evidence-based insights and recommendations to inform stakeholders and the public in navigating and shaping the fast-evolving institutional landscape.


We promote a responsible institutional adoption of AI technologies in alignment with human prosperity and democratic values.

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